Postgraduate research

Through masters and PhD programs, art practitioners, scientists and humanities scholars carry out cross-disciplinary experimentation and research in art and science.

Master's by Coursework students

Verena Kaminiarz
Graduate: 2008
Verena Kaminiarz was the first SymbioticA student to graduate with the Master of Science (Biological Arts) in 2008.
Kaori Yamashita
Graduate: 2009
Kaori Yamashita was born in 1979 in Kyoto, Japan. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking at the Kyoto City University of Arts in 2003. Her early work explored the theme of self-searching in relation to other people through self-portraiture. Kaori is also interested in the relationship between humans and the natural world and has developed this theme through her screen-printing practice.
Tarsh Bates
Tarsh Bates has a background in biotechnology and environmental science, graduating with honours in 2000. She has also conducted studies in contemporary art, majoring in sculpture and performance, exhibiting both locally and internationally.
Lisa Carrie Goldberg
Graduate: 2011
Lisa Carrie Goldberg is a Canadian-born multidisciplinary artist currently studying in Australia. Her projects often take the form of full-sensory installations that mimic psychological and sociological experiments. Her work examines the realm of art and science, covering topics in neuroscience, anthropometry and microbiology.
Joel Ong
Graduate: 2011
Joel Ong is a media artist interested in the politics of sight and sound as representations of the body, exploring the ways in which mediation transforms, enhances and redefines our perception.

Loren Kronemeyer
Graduate: 2012

By interfacing with biology, history, anthropology, and physics, Loren hopes to tap into essential components of our relationship to the world and expand the meaning of art making in the context of humanity.

Devon Ward
Graduate: 2014

Devon's work investigates the liminal space between art and science and engages with living materials as a medium for artistic expression.

Ziggy O'Reilly
Ziggy O'Reilly

Ziggy O’Reilly is incorporating her interest in art and robotics with her psychology background.

Helah Milroy
Helah Milroy

Helah Milroy commenced Masters studies at SymbioticA in 2016.

PhD students

Mike Bianco
tarsh icon
Mike Bianco is an artist, curator, researcher, and beekeeper. His research focuses on interspecies relationships, and considers the concepts of the ‘host,' ‘parasite,’ and 'symbiote' within the broader context of honeybees in relation to theories of hospitality and environmental sustainability.
Audrey Appudurai
Audrey Appudurai

Graduate: 2016

Audrey Appudurai graduated in 2010 with honours, majoring in Genetics and Microbiology at UWA. Her project plans on investigating the plasticity of the visual system, specifically centring on the evolution and ecology of organisms whose vision changes throughout life.

Tarsh Bates
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Tarsh Bates is interested in bodies as material, in interspecies relationality, and in aesthetics of care. She uses artistic and scientific tools to explore the nexus of bodies, ethics and culture. She has a background in biotechnology, sculpture and live art, and recently completed a MSc (Biological Art). Tarsh is currently a PhD candidate in the aesthetic experiences of human/non-human care relationships.