Current Residents

Nathan Thompson [AUS]

(Early 2016-current)

Nathan John Thompson‘s work examines the role of humans in ‘nature’ by mapping sono-kinetic territories that act as filters for understanding inhabited space. In these ‘spaces’ Thompson experiments with new possibilities for man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the complexities produced from these relationships. He uses machines (self built, analogue, lifelike in their behaviour) to explore questions of consciousness, mechanical sentience and object oriented ontology.

Carlos Alberto Del Valle Diéguez [Spain]


Carlos Del Valle (ES) (b. 1989), is a researcher and a multidisciplinary artist. He studied at several institutions: the University of Salamanca, University of Arts and Design Gdansk, Slade (UCL), Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and Australian National University.

Cristin Millett [USA]

(Feb-June 2020)

Cristin Millett is an Embedded Faculty Researcher in the Arts + Design Research Incubator and a Professor of Art in the School of Visual Arts at the Pennsylvania State University. Cristin Millett is a 2020 Fulbright Senior Scholar, studying the science of ectogenesis, the augmentation or replacement of the fecund uterus by a machine. 

Angel Lartigue [USA]

(March-December 2020)

Ángel Lartigue is an artist born and raised in Houston TX. He is the designer of 2017 label book, "La ciencia avanza pero yo no" is part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Hirsch Library rare books collection. Lartigue’s primary motivation is to investigate and redefine the relationship between the body and land through the use of organic matter as raw material. 

Marta Ferracin [AUS/IT]

(March-June 2020)

Born in Italy, Ferracin lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney in 2018 and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the National Art School, Sydney, in 2015. Her video and installation work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions around Sydney and overseas.