Current Residents

Nathan Thompson

(Early 2016-current)

Nathan John Thompson‘s work examines the role of humans in ‘nature’ by mapping sono-kinetic territories that act as filters for understanding inhabited space. In these ‘spaces’ Thompson experiments with new possibilities for man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the complexities produced from these relationships. He uses machines (self built, analogue, lifelike in their behaviour) to explore questions of consciousness, mechanical sentience and object oriented ontology.

Nina Sellars


Nina Sellars’ art practice works across the disciplines of art, science and humanities, and focuses on the way anatomy has shaped our understanding of the body, identity and subjectivity over the centuries. Her interest in anatomy has taken her from working in art studios and wet anatomy labs to working in physics labs and medical imaging facilities – here she critically engages with the cultural implications of anatomy. Essentially, Sellars questions how concepts of anatomy appear meaningful to us in the 21st century.