Unruly Ecologies

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Friday 26 November to Sunday 28 November 2010

Western Australian Museum, Perth Cultural Centre
Law Lecture Theatre, The University of Western Australia
Lake Clifton, Mandurah



A SymbioticA Symposium exploring the possibilities and difficulties of the diversity of life through critical investigations in art, ecology and activism.Unruly Ecologies


The ecology of biodiversity is based upon an uncertain definition, incomplete statistics and the need to act in a world without balance. While multiple flora and fauna databases have being established and are being coordinated, and as natural biodiversity diminishes and more technological life forms come into being; there is an urgent need to engage even more proactively with complex ecosystems and human responses. Artists, scientists, humanities scholars and conservationists will come together to talk of the ‘matters of concern’ around the potentials and futures of biodiversity.


Bruce Clarke Literature and Science
Jonathan Majer Insect Biologist Biodiversity through the years of our lives
Greg Pryor Artist Biodiversity and the Eye
Anas Ghadouani Environmental Engineer Critical Transitions in Ecosystems
Timothy Morton Literature and the Environment
Nathan McQuoid Landscape Ecologist Interpreting Ecology in Fitzgerald Biosphere: Natural Patterns and OCBIL Theory
Geoff Syme Psychologist Psychology, Water and the Rhetoric of Sustainability
Lesley Instone Human Geographer Encountering biodiversity as a ‘matter of concern’ 
Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson Artists Uncertainty in the City
Oron Catts SymbioticA Director Toward Human Induced Biodiversity – the fallacy of the numbers game
Hideo Iwasaki Artist/Scientist From cyanobacteria to synthetic cells: their time, shape and art
Jane Calvert Sociologist
Perdita Phillips Artist
Kath Grey Palaeontologist


The Adaptation project and its resulting research formed the inspiration for Unruly ecologies: Biodiversity.