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6-26 Feb 2022

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The Contestable Food Systems Symposium



22-26 Pakenham Street
Fremantle/Walyalup, WA 6160  

Exhibition Information3SDC

Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts in collaboration with Steve Berrick

Sunlight, Soil & Shit (De)Cycle (3SDC) is a contestable food systems project about Agricultural Technology.
AgTech aims to automate and control food production, while non-standardised elements such as sunlight, soil and shit are removed in favour of artificial light, substrates and fertilisers.

Bringing the farm to the lab and the lab to the farm, this project considers whether the means of production will grow ever distant from Nature. Will this metabolic rift be the precursor to open and sustainable food systems?

In times of ecological crisis, there is a vital need for seriously playful artistic interventions into these fantasies of separating humans from Nature. By using aesthetics to intervene, sense and gain data about the different processes involved in food manufacturing we are allowing the public to consider their own relationship to food and technology.

This project has been funded by the Department of Local Government Sport & Cultural Industries (WA), The Seed Box (Linköping University Sweden) and assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.