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VISCERAL Special Events:

  1. VIP Preview
  2. Take a Walk and Whisper your worries
  3. Blood Wars
  4. Structuring Somnolence
  5. VISCERAL: A SymbioticA Symposium
  6. VISCERAL Artist Talks and the Alternative MBA
  7. SymbioticA Screenings
  8. Science, Art & Ethics Panel
  9. VISCERAL: The Experiments, the Funeral and the Wake

OPENING NIGHT - 27 January 2011
VIP Preview

At the VIP Preview Kathy High adjudicates an ironic tournament of blood supremacy, Tanya Visosevic seduces you into the carnival of BIOKINO and in a little homage to nitrogen and nation states gone awry Abhishek Hazra liberates ammonia from (pre-digested) human breast milk.

Take a Walk and Whisper your worries

Over the duration of VISCERAL take a spatial sound walk The Summer Flurries by Perdita Phillips’ that traverses two very different locations – Lake Clifton in regional Western Australia and the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin; then come to the Visceral lab and whisper your worries to the Semi Living worry Dolls.

28 January – 25 February 2011

Blood Wars

Kathy High takes blood for a tournament between participants’ white blood cells.

Friday 28 January 2pm
Saturday 29 January 2pm
Sunday 30 January 2pm


28 January 2011

Structuring Somnolence

21:00 – 06:00 (Overnight)

From Pearse street watch an exclusive overnight sleep study performance conducted by Lisa Carrie Goldberg, Respiratory Scientist, Geraldine O’Connell, and a sleep volunteer.

29 January 2011

VISCERAL: A SymbioticA Symposium at the Science Gallery, Dublin

10:00 - 18:00

Cultural strategies that engage and scrutinise with developments in the life sciences, with a particular emphasis on hands-on artistic research embedded within a biological laboratory will be discussed in relation experiences of residents at SymbioticA. A selection of SymbioticA residents and two of SymbioticA's co-founders will speak on art and biology from the political, ethical, historical and aesthetical perspectives.

30 January 2011

VISCERAL Artist Talks and the Alternative MBA

12.30 – 16.00

Start your Sunday with a panel discussion on the unique programme of the SymbioticA’s Masters in Biological Arts: where students from art and science backgrounds ‘abandon’ their respective discipline and comfort zones, towards a creative project that combine arts and the life sciences. Students Tarsh Bates and Lisa Carrie Goldberg discuss the opportunities and challenges offered by this interdisciplinary degree with VISCERAL co-curator and SymbioticA Academic Dr Ionat Zurr.

Following this discussion artists from the VISCERAL exhibition will give you a deeper insight into their work throughout the gallery – from explaining the sex life of crickets and notions of immortality within the life sciences.

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2 February 2011

SymbioticA Screenings

View a number or short documentaries about works developed at SymbioticA, including videos about the work of ORLAN, Critical Art Ensemble and Phil Ross’ Leviathan.
The screening will be followed by a discussion led by VISCERAL Curator Oron Catts.

9 February 2011

Science, Art & Ethics Panel

A special discussion on science, art, ethics, and the sparks (and inspirations) that arise when the three combine. The panelists will address the ethical problems raised by using living material in art, the ethical hurdles of exhibiting with human tissue, and many more questions raised by the combination of new medical and artistic technologies.

Featured panelists include:

Oron Catts, Co-founder of SymbioticA and previous exhibitor of 'Victimless Leather' at Science Gallery
Dr Steven Potter, the Georgia Tech Professor involved with Silent Barrage
Robert Devcic of GV Art
Also joining the panel will be Michael John Gorman, Director of the Science Gallery,.

This event is also part of the 2011 Trinity Arts Festival, Dublin, Ireland

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24 February 2011

VISCERAL: The Experiments, the Funeral and the Wake

6:00pm: EXPERIMENT 1: BLOOD WARS final blood-letting

6.20pm: Blood Wars’ artist Kathy High on Skype discussing the project while Connor adjudicates the final tournament in the VISCERAL lab


Join one of Visceral’s curators, Oron Catts, at the funeral for the end of the month-long living art experiment. We’ll hear what visitors whispered in the digital ‘ears’ of the Semi-Living Worry Dolls and take a last look at the exhibition to try and answer the questions of how ‘alive’ biological art is, and what respect it merits.

7:00pm: EXPERIMENT 2: LATENT FIGURE PROTOCOL performance by Paul Vanouse

Employing a reactive gel and electrical current, Paul Vanouse will conduct an hour long live experiment during which time audience members see the DNA sample slowly emerge into an image.

7.30pm: Blood bath in the lab – i.e. killing all living exhibits What happens when the bio-reactor gets switched off? How do you dispose of art if it’s still alive? We open up the doors of the VISCERAL lab to the public for the ‘killing ritual’.

8:00pm: Latent Figure Protocol finale – where the Latent Figure Protocol emerging image appears. Copyright this.