Synthetic Biology Workshop

An intensive exchange laboratory for artists, scientists and other disciplines to collaboratively explore synthetic biology's ideas and techniques, and its social and cultural implications.



Synthetic Biology is an emerging area of research which applies engineering principles to biology. Synthesis will be an intensive exchange laboratory for artists, designers, synthetic biologists, engineers, and others from relevant disciplines, collaboratively exploring synthetic biology's ideas and techniques and its social and cultural implications. The exchange laboratory will be devised and led by scientists including Prof John Ward (UCL) in collaboration with artist/designers Oron Catts (SymbioticA UWA/Royal College of Art) and Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (Synthetic Aesthetics). It is organised by The Arts Catalyst, UCL and Synthetic Aesthetics.


Previous workshops

The workshop has been conducted in:

  • University College London with contributors Alastair Elfick, University of Edinburgh, and Ferman Federici, University of Cambridge, historian and philosopher Joe Cain, UCL, designer Tuur Van Balen and artist Andy Gracie (2011)