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SymbioticA is a research facility dedicated to artistic inquiry into knowledge and technology in the life sciences.

Our research embodies:

  • identifying and developing new materials and subjects for artistic manipulation
  • researching strategies and implications of presenting living-art in different contexts
  • developing technologies and protocols as artistic tool kits.

Having access to scientific laboratories and tools, SymbioticA is in a unique position to offer these resources for artistic research. Therefore, SymbioticA encourages and favours research projects that involve hands on development of technical skills and the use of scientific tools.

The research undertaken at SymbioticA is speculative in nature. SymbioticA strives to support non-utilitarian, curiosity based and philosophically motivated research.

Research areas

Based on a collaborative approach, research by SymbioticA's researchers, residents, scientists, academics and collaborators becomes a resource for further research.

Art and biology
The main focus of research at SymbioticA is the interaction between life sciences, biotechnology, society and the arts. Working in this area of growing interest, SymbioticA is well positioned as a major international centre researching and developing art and biology projects. Philosophers, anthropologists and social scientists have been hosted at the centre for short and long term research projects.
Art and ecology
An important dialogue and debate surrounding human inaction, intervention, responses and responsibilities to the world are explored through research into art and ecology. SymbioticA's connection to this field is evidenced in the Adaptation Project based in Lake Clifton, Western Australia.
Art can act as an important catalyst for ethical exploration. Our research attempts to approach bioethics from a secular, non-anthropocentric perspective. We encourage research and debate over the implications of developments in the life sciences within culture and society and the ethics of manipulating living systems for utilitarian, speculative and seemingly frivolous ends.
SymbioticA researchers have a long involvement with projects that deal with neuroscience.
Tissue engineering
Through the Tissue Culture and Art Project, we have built a reputation as the leading artistic laboratory investigating the in-vitro growth and manipulation of living tissue in three dimensions. Many subsequent projects by SymbioticA residents have guided the development of protocols and specific techniques of tissue engineering.
Sleep Science
The possibilities for artistic research in this field have been opened with access to The School of Anatomy and Human Biology's Centre for Sleep Science.

Our research is speculative in nature. We strive to support non-utilitarian, curiosity based and philosophically motivated research.