Based at Lake Clifton, Western Australia, Adaptation uses residencies, events and a community outreach program to stimulate debate about human inaction, intervention and responsibilities regarding ecology.


In a broad scoping of issues surrounding life and ecology, Adaptation, SymbioticA’s long-term project, opens important dialogue and debate surrounding human inaction, intervention, responses and responsibilities to the world at large.

Embedded in Lake Clifton, south of Mandurah, Adaptation proposes a dynamic program of production-based artist residencies and events with a vibrant outreach and community program.

Lake Clifton as a location and a metaphor, offers a microcosmic peak into the broader issues of ecology and life itself.


  • Perdita Phillips – 2009 – ongoing: 'The Sixth Shore'.
  • Annamaria Weldon in collaboration with Laurie Smith – 2009-2010: 'Sharing the Edge'.
  • Oron Catts (Initial engineering concept developed with the assistance of Ryan Kim) – 2009-ongoing: 'The Autotroph'.
  • Vyonne Walker in collaboration with the SymbioticA Research Group – 2009-ongoing: 'The Slowest Growing Sculpture'.
  • Catherine Higham – 2009 – ongoing: 'The effects of water quality on Lake Clifton thrombolites'.
  • Coral Lowry – 2009-ongoing: 'Thrombolites'.
  • Carmel Wallace – 2009-ongoing: 'Visualising Adaptation: Surface and Beyond'.

The Adaptation project and its resulting research formed the inspiration for Unruly Ecologies: Biodiversity and art – A SymbioticA symposium, which was held from 26 to 28 November 2010.