The SymbioticA Research Group

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The SymbioticA Research Group (SARG) is a collaboration begun in 2000 between SymbioticA artists, scientists, computer programmers and technologists at SymbioticA.


SARG explores through a research and development project aspects of creativity and artistry in the age of biological technologies. The original SARG members were Guy Ben Ary, Dr Stuart Bunt, Oron Catts, Phil Gamblen, Matt Richards, Iain Sweetman, Gil Wienberg and Ionat Zurr.

SARG is not a fixed entity but one whose group members change dependent on the project. SARG has for a number of years collaborated with scientists from Steve Potter's Lab at Georgia Tech, Atlanta and in 2004/5 Bulgarian artist, Boryeana Rossa conceptualised The Black Square period of MEART.

Research project

Meart – The semi-living artist

The project was originally entitled Fish and Chips and later evolved into MEART – the semi living artist. The project is by the SymbioticA Research group in collaboration with the Potter Lab.