Copyright and intellectual property

SymbioticA aims to foster collaboration and to facilitate unhindered exchange and developments of ideas.

We advocate the ethos of Open Source. As part of the University of Western Australia, SymbioticA follows the University IP guidelines.

SymbioticA's ethos is that the accumulated knowledge generated in SymbioticA is shared and credited among researchers and residents. The copyright on the artwork is retained by the artist. However, there are still some uncertainties in the legal and artistic communities in regard to whether the outcomes of some artistic biological processes can be copyrighted. Projects researched and developed during a residency should acknowledge scientific and artistic collaborators and SymbioticA.

As a new resident you will have access to the cumulative knowledge already gathered by SymbioticA researchers. You are expected to contribute to this common knowledge pool by providing an acquittal which includes documentation (of protocols, procedures, lab book), an artistic report on your project, financial summary and any comments about difficulties and suggestions for SymbioticA’s future residents.

SymbioticA perceives this as an important aspect of your residency as we are regularly approached by academics, journalists and other artists regarding our program of activities and this acquittal ensures you are represented in our archive. It also ensures other artists coming into the space become aware of the process other residents go through. We request that the acquittal is received within three months of completion of the project.