CARMEL WALLACE: Visualizing Adaptation, Surface And Beyond


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Carmel Wallace, Lake Life #1-14, 2010, Digital photographs 1/20, 42 x 59.4 cm

Lake Life 2010-12, High Definition video, edited by Peter Corbett Powerhouse Productions, 4:00 minutes



Carmel Wallace's art practice focuses on the advantages  of multi-disciplinary exploration of place and its ramifications for environmental awareness and ethics. After gaining a PhD in this field in 1998, she has exhibited regularly in solo exhibitions at Gallery 101 in Melbourne and the Blake and Wynne Prizes in Sydney. Collections include The Silk Cut Collection, National Gallery of Australia and Carmel co-curated Surface Tension, a printmaking exchange exhibition shown in New York and Melbourne. Major projects include “Walk”, where eight artists walked the 270km Great South West Walk track in Victoria and “Fresh and Salty”, a Regional Arts Victoria project..


"My research focused on the thrombolites populating Lake Clifton. My familiar processes of studying particular environments and acquiring information through sensual immersion and visual interpretation were expanded during my time at SymbioticA. My usual repertoire of tools of capture — cameras, pencil, paint, found materials — were reprioritized as I focused on the microscopic detail of my subject: initially, the waterborne organisms surrounding the thrombolites, followed by the surface and internal structure of a particular thrombolite sample. Whilst attempting to visualize a journey into the past; from the outer layers to the centre of this life form, my investigation encompassed the aesthetics of microscopic detail as I explored ways of transferring knowledge gained scientifically into my visual vocabulary and artworks. The outcomes include film clips, suites of digital images and prints."