Chloe Sobejko


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Chloe Sobejko is a trans-disciplinary artist whose practice draws heavily on her background in health science. Often using her own body as a base material, Chloe's work centres on what it means to have a form, the relationship one has with their form, and any responsibility or disorientation this may entail.

Research Projects:Corpus Grandiferum

I Was Taught To Break

During a three-month residency at SymbioticA, Chloe was trained in tissue culture, which was utilised in the isolation and suspension of her white blood cells in vitro.

The use of her blood as the principal substance for the work was a considered material with which to explore the body as an interdependent structure.

“Physiologically, blood is a connective tissue, originating within my bones and then dispersing throughout every organ of the body, delivering nutrients and messages to its various destinations. The oxygen it carries is harvested from my inhalations, marrying my external environment with my internal one. Blood has a tactile relationship with every aerobic process that occurs inside of my form. It provides protection from pathogens, and from its own loss.”

This on-going project attempts to survey scientific studies of the body through dissection. Chloe generates a narrative of her blood during its extraction; separation and continued growth outside of her primary structure as she explores the process of dissection as something potentially corrupt whilst inherently intimate.
Period of Research

Aug - Nov 2015