Catherine Higham

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Catherine Higham, a West Australian farmer-artist based in Williams, is interested in the connections  between humans and the natural environment.


Catherine is a multidisciplinary artist and her award winning works encompass sculpture, painting, photography, assemblage and installation. Catherine has held a number of solo exhibitions, and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Research project

The effects of water quality on Lake Clifton thrombolites

Catherine Higham attempts to investigate the connection between growth rates of Lake Clifton Thrombolites and water quality in the lake.  Artistically this project aims to make the personal universal by linking Lake Clifton to the artist's home, and in doing so observing individual and collective impacts on Lake Clifton.

In the initial phase, Higham focuses on three water ways near her home; 14 Mile Brook, Congelin Creek and the Upper Crossman.  These water courses join the Hotham River, Murry River and flow into the Peel Harvey Inlet, next to Lake Clifton.   Higham intends to document  her findings using photography.

Recent developments include a shift in research whereby Higham may abandon water testing to gauge water quality.  Instead the identification of bioindicators, can indirectly suggest changes in water quality and be a more reliable test over time.

Catherine has exhibited photography from her research into water catchments, in the Subterranea Exhibition as art of the Mundaring Truffle Festival.

Period of Research

2009 - 2011

Image: 14 Mile Brook Series (break of season 2010)