Pernille Leth-Espensen

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Pernille Leth-Espensen is an art historian writing about installation art that interprets or makes alternative scientific representations.


Pernille Leth-Espensen investigates these artworks from perspectives of art theory, aesthetics, ethics and philosophy of science and technology.

A large part of these artworks are representing or presenting the brain and so she is also interested in how these artworks interpret notions of consciousness and subjectivity.

Research project

Pernille’s SymbioticA residency involved speaking and interacting with neuroscientists and artists in residence at UWA as well as entering the labs and utilising the tools of scientific investigation in order to better comprehend the process the artists undergo to create biological art.


  • Pernille is a PhD fellow at Aarhus University, Denmark, financed by a Mads Øvlisen scholarship from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.
  • The residency was funded by a grant from the Faculty of Humanities at Aarhus University.