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Loren KronemyerBiography

Loren Kronemyer was born in Los Angeles, California, graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2010 with a BFA in New Genres and the department’s highest award. The artist has recently received a Masters of the Biological Arts degree at the University of Western Australia in Perth. Her work involves poetic, yet absurd interactions between the individual and the environment, including other humans, animals, and forces of nature. In attempting to reach across boundaries of time, place, scale, and species, she implicates the dominant cultural forms of the present to create meaningful documents of alternative relationships to the world.

Research Project: Self-Healing Drawing

The research project conducted during her residency period at SymbioticA sees Loren Kronemyer attempting to hone a formal system of imagery based on interactions with in-vitro living tissue through injury.  Intent upon exploring the possibilities of living and self-healing drawing, Kronemyer set out to asses the formal qualities of living tissue as a drawing medium. Using a variety of cell types, Kronemyer grows layers of tissue in culture then systematically scratches them to create injuries.  These injuries form lines that heal and scar on the tissue, all of which is captured in motion on a cellular level via time-lapse microscopy.  Building upon her work using ants to create ephemeral living drawings, these self-healing, self-erasing drawings comment on the volatility of the creative impulse.  In both works, the drawings confront the emergent nature of organisms implicated in acts of individualistic expression. 

This project is made possible with technical assistance from Ionat Zurr and Guy Ben-Ary and through the generosity of SymbioticA Lab.

Period of research

June-December 2013