Nina Sellars


Country of origin

AustraliaNina Sellars

Blender, 2005: Acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, pneumatics, electronics

Blender contents: Adipose (subcutaneous fat) from Nina's limbs and Stelarc's torso, peripheral nerves, saline solution, zylocain (local anaesthetic), O+blood, ethanol, adrenalin

Dimensions: h160cm x w100cm x d100cm

Nina Sellars is an artist, writer, and curator, whose research area is the study of anatomy. Her art practice works across the disciplines of art, science and humanities and focuses on the contemporary and historical influence of anatomy on our understanding of body, identity and subjectivity. Sellars’ interest in anatomy has taken her from working in fine art studios and wet anatomy labs to working in physics labs and medical imaging facilities – here she critically engages with the cultural implications of anatomy and its various modes of visualization.


Sellars’ project, Fat Culture, is an extension of her arts practice and a continuation of her ongoing interest in adipose tissue (aka fat).  During her residency at SymbioticA Sellars is exploring the potential of working with living adipose tissue (aka fat) in her biological arts practice through the use of tissue culture.

This project has been assisted by the Australia Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.