Janet Osborne

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The "ex-plant (r)evolution" was a work of art made from living plant tissue, produced by combining artistic and biotechnological practices.




Janet Osborne has worked as a cultural anthropologist in Australia, with particular interests in concepts of nature and biotechnology in society, and in Australian Aboriginal land rights. Studying archaeology, with particular interests in the evidence for cultivation and domestication of plant and animal species in the archaeological record, and in Australian Aboriginal rock-art.

Research project

Ex-plant (r)evolution

Plant-parts were modified in a laboratory environment to create a piece with aesthetic and socio-political value.

The ‘ex-plants’ communicated messages which made contestable statements about the ‘nature’ of biotechnology, and contributed to a public dialogue on the science, its processes, and its products.


The six-month part-time residency funded through the Australia Council Run_way Grant for Emerging Artists.

Period of research