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BiographyShannon Williamson

Shannon Williamson graduated from the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts, Christchurch New Zealand in 2009 with a BFA (Painting major with 1st class honours). Williamson was twice the recipient of the Ethel Susan Jones Fine Arts Travelling Scholarship, once in 2010 and again in 2012, awarded by the University of Canterbury for excellence in unique composition. She has exhibited in both group and solo shows throughout New Zealand and in Australia since 2001, including the prestigious exhibition of Uncanny Valley at the Christchurch Art Gallery 2010. Williamson’s research with SymbioticA can be seen as a natural progression from her drawing based practice, for which she is best known for, which proposes abstract forms for the otherwise invisible, intimate anxieties and sensations of bodily experience by way of delicate pencil and water colour work.

Research Project: Sleeper/Lover (originally Imaging the Body and Drawing Theory)

Utilising Sleep Science technologies to investigate modes of bodily representation which exceed the conventions of the traditional figurative genre Williamson investigates notions of intimacy from the vantage point of the body (and bodies) in sleep, with a particular focus on developing methods for artistically visualising the territory and dynamic between couples sleeping together. Drawing from the euphemistic notion of people ‘sleeping’ together, Williamson has implicated the scientific methods used for sleep research to develop and conduct a series of ‘Dual PSG (Polysomnograpy)’ Sleep Studies. By appropriating the conventional methods used to conduct a standard PSG Sleep Study in the Sleep Laboratory environment Williamson has devised a set of unique technical configurations that have enabled line-based visualisations of physiological synchrony and interplay between bed partners in sleep.


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