Laurie Smith

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Country of origin



Laurie Smith has lived and worked in Western Australia most of his life, with 50 years of experience as a naturalist/zoologist.


Laurie's work in biological sciences (terrestrial vertebrates) included extensive field work in Western Australia and Indonesia.  Before his retirement he was working as acting Curator, Herpetology at the W.A. Museum, and is still an active Honorary Research worker in that department.

Research project

Sharing the Edge

Sharing the Edge was conceived as a suite of poems and landscape memoirs to be written by poet Annamaria Weldon working collaboratively with naturalist Laurie Smith, who was writing complementary essays and notes from a solely science-based point of view. Informed and inspired by the ecology of Lake Clifton, the thrombolites and whatever else Shares the Edge with them, and explored through a scientific and experiential ‘lens’, their work was intended for publication and/or public recitals enhanced by image and sound, with community interaction at presentations and workshops, or as a public story-board or website.

In July 2010, on completion of the project’s research and development phase, Weldon and Smith decided to pursue independent creative outcomes.

Period of Research

2009 - 2010