Soichiro Mihara


Country of origin



Loren KronemyerBiography

Soichiro Mihara in an artist, born in Tokyo, 1980. Based on new media/technology as a central axis, he has been presenting system as artworks exploring organic syntheses of perception, environments, and the human body. He has shown his projects in solo and group exhibitions, The World Filled With Blank (2013, Kunstquartier Bethanien/Berlin, Kdmofa/Taiwan), SOUNDART - Sound is a Medium of Art (2012 ZKM Germany) OPEN SPACE2012 (NTTICC Japan), Simple Interaction - Sound Art from Japan (2011 Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark), ISEARUHR2010 (2010 Kunstverein Dortmund), Transmediale 2006 (Academie de Kunst, Berlin) and many more.

Research Project

Soichiro Mihara's 10 month residency commencing November 2013 is an open ended mission starting with tissue culture basics.

After several experiments and research trips, his interest is currently focused on the biochemical technique of generating energy and material which itself can suggest value of life iconically, derived from the Japanese landscape after the events of 311. Mihara will examine these concepts by making DIY MicrobeFuelCells/MicrobeSolarCells and culturing human skin cells with an artistic perspective.

He will also be working closely with Oron Catts, Hideo Iwasaki and others on the Biogenic Timestamp project.

Period of research

November 2013 - August 2014