Hege Tapio

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As part of a project exploring the domestication of ornamental plants, Tapio was researching techniques to work with somatic hybridisation.


Hege Tapio is a new media artist working with photography, video, electronic installation and Bioart. Tapio manages the i/o/lab center for technologically based and unstable arts in Stavanger, Norway and is interested in the intersections between art and science. Through i/o/lab she is currently busy etablishing the Article Biennale ( together with public venues for screenbased art(

Research project

Her project aimed to develop somewhat monstrous hybrids by fusing two distantly related plants. During her stay she investigated methods - with the expertise from Gary Cass, to isolate protoplasts, which will eventually be subjected to a fusing process. Tapio will continue her work in her homemade laboratory in Norway.


The two-and-a-half-week residency was funded by a grant from the Norwegian Visual Artists Association and City of Stavanger.

Period of research