Vyonne Walker

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Vyonne Walker is an Australian visual artist and researcher based in Perth working in a diverse range of media.


After completing studies at The University of Western Australia and the University of California, Los Angeles she is continuing her previous research into the ecoscape of Lake Clifton and its surrounds. She is interested in how integrating artistic and scientific explorations could help us to engage with and understand our relationship to the environment.

Research project

The Slowest Growing Sculpture

As an extension of her previous research into Cyanobacteria and its role in establishing the Earth’s atmosphere, ‘The Slowest Growing Sculpture’ explores the human perception of ‘climate’.

The microbial community of Cyanobacteria and other organisms that form the living fossils at Lake Clifton will be manipulated to develop a sculptural identity that questions the contributions that form our understanding of climate while addressing future concerns both at Lake Clifton and globally.

Initially developed in the SymbioticA laboratory, the sculptural structure, incorporating aspects of biomimicry and biotechnology will take decades to evolve, growing at a rate of approximately 1mm a year.

  • The SymbioticA Research Group
Period of Research

2009 - 2011