Ziggy O'Reilly

Ziggy O'Reilly

Ziggy O’Reilly is incorporating her interest in art and robotics with her psychology background.

Ziggy graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) in 2016. She is currently completing SymbioticA’s Master of Science (Biological Arts) and is interested in the intersection between existential psychology, robot ethics and biological art. Currently she is exploring different methods and techniques for artistic purposes such as carpentry, body decomposition, embedded systems and tissue culture. Theoretically, Ziggy is interested in the positive and negative ethical and social implications of introducing intelligent robotics into therapeutic and educational spaces. Ziggy is influenced by existential psychiatrists Victor Frankl and Irvin D. Yalom, artists Helen Pynor, Guy Ben-Ary and Lu Yang, the cultural theorist Donna Haraway and the computer scientist Ray Kurzweil.

Electives taken

• Neurobiology
• Bioethics (Yale University)
• Sculpture: Time and Space (Current)
• Neuroscience Research Methods (Current) 


  • Milroy, H., & O’Reilly, Z., (in press). Donna J. Haraway, Manifestly Haraway: A New Conversation. Lo Sguardo.


  • Robots in Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Need for Implementation of Ethical Codes in Procedural Protocols. Poster presentation at Yale Medical Library, New Haven CT, June 21, 2017.


Group Exhibitions
June 2015. Plasticity: An Interactive Installation, The Pop-Up Space, Mount Hawthorn.
June 2014. Mid-Year Student Exhibition, Cullity Gallery, Perth.
November 2013. End of Year Student Exhibition, Cullity Gallery, Perth.

Curated Exhibitions
March – April 2015. Artlab Media, Jump Climb, Mount Lawley.
June – July 2015. Art For Spark*, The Pop-Up Space, Mount Hawthorn.