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Postgraduate research

SymbioticA has established an academic program for both undergraduate and postgraduate students where they have hands on experience with life sciences.

Emphasis is placed on developing critical thought, discussing ethical and cultural issues and encouraging cross-disciplinary experimentation in art and science.

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate


The undergraduate elective units at UWA are available for students from any discipline and institution and are available through ACCESS for independent studies.


A practical and theoretical investigation, through critical engagement of the nexus and differences of the art and science cultures through the use of the technologies of life science/biotechnology as an art-form.

An introduction to biological lab practices and techniques dealing with the manipulation of living biological systems within the context of contemporary arts practices.

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The postgraduate program includes a Master of Biological Arts by coursework or research and a PhD.

Masters by coursework and dissertation

For inquiries please email Asst/Prof Ionat Zurr.

A true hybrid of art and science, the Master of Biological Arts is designed for art practitioners, scientists and humanities scholars who wish to engage with creative bioresearch.

It requires students to take art and science units and consists of an equal content, discourse and methodology from the two disciplines.

Students who have previously majored in arts will be required to take science units and science graduates will be required to enrol in arts and humanities units. Students enrol together in the SymbioticA units.

Find out what our previous and present Masters students have researched: Postgraduate Research.

Masters and PhD by research

Academic research that interrogates art and the biological sciences can be undertaken through SymbioticA.  

Contact Dr Ionat Zurr SymbioticA’s Academic Coordinator to discuss research proposals, and obtain information about enrolment.  

Fees and enrolment

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