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S. Chandrasekaran explored new meanings to the notion of 'body'.


S. Chandrasekaran (b. Singapore 1959) is an internationally exhibited artist whose work focuses on post-humanism and investigating bodily presence in relation to life sciences, through performance art.
S. Chandrasekaran completed his Doctor of Creative Arts at Curtin University, Western Australia in 2007. Prior to this he graduated from NAFA in 1985 and was awarded the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council in 1992. He has presented works in major exhibitions, such as Havana biennial (Cuba), Asia-Pacific Performance (Canada), 1st Asia-Pacific Triennial (Brisbane), 49th Venice Biennale (Venice), World Sculpture Park (China), Sharjah International Biennial (UAE), National Review of Live Art (UK), Lulea Biennial (Sweden), Documenta City (Kassel), and APBF Signature Art Prize 2008 (Singapore) and Festival of Contemporary Arts (Slovenia).
He is a founding member of the Arts Fission Company, and Artistic Director/ Founder for Biological Arts Theatre Group (BAT).

Research project

6th finger

Chandrasekaran explored new meanings to notion of body through ‘the discovery of the new form’ - ‘6th finger".

The ‘6th finger’ was created through the concept of symbiogenesis and further investigated through the process of carnivorous alliance. A site that explores the ‘carnivorous’ associations among the three different eukaryoyes cells – plant, animals and human.


1 year part-time residency funded through the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Period of research