Cynthia Verspaget

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Originally a student in SymbioticA’s 2002 VIVOARTS course run by Adam Zaretsky and Oron Catts, Cynthia Verspaget became a SymbioticA resident in 2003.

Research project

Cynthia Verspaget undertook research and development for the production of an artistic cell line that deals with the aesthetics and politics of biology and art.

Verspaget produced an artistic cell line called the Anarchy Cell Line derived from the existing cell line of Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells) and her own cells. The Anarchy cell line was produced to explore “issues of tissue ownership, lab techniques, tissue patent/copyrighting, the aesthetics of the inner body and the science and social/human connection (or lack of?) in the petri dish, the biological representation of women and finally, the story of Henrietta Lacks”.

Anarchy Cell line was exhibited in SymbioticA’s BioDifference Exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery during BEAP204.

Verspaget continued her association with SymbioticA after the conclusion of her residency through following the tradition of SymbioticA artists orientating fellow artists into scientific techniques and lab protocols. She was also employed as Teaching Assistant in the 2004 Art and Life Manipulation Course.


Verspaget’s six-month residency was funded through ArtsWA and BEAPWORKS.

Period of research: