Tanya Visosevic

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'The Living Screen' project explores the possibility of projecting self-created nano-movies onto one single cell or living cell tissues.

Research project

The Living Screen

Tanya Visosevic, Guy Ben Ary and Bruce Murphy explore the possibility of developing an apparatus ('The Bio-Projector') that would allow a series of self-created nano-movies to be projected through a microscope onto one single cell or living cell tissues. 

The nano-movies specifically related to different film theories ranging from the Lacanian inflections of Slavoj Zizek, to the phenomenological interpretations of Vivian Sobchack, through to the corrosive impact of Gilles Deleuze.


Initial research was funded by the New Media Arts Board of the Australia Council 2004 and later by BEAPWORKS through the ArtsWA in the Department of Culture and The Arts.

Period of research

2004 – ongoing