Friday Seminar Series

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The ethos of SymbioticA is that ideas are discussed and shared openly and the Friday Seminar Series is designed to allow an open forum to disseminate artistic, scientific, ethical and philosophical research and practice of resident researchers, visiting artists and scholars. Our Friday Seminar Series are held salon style, in our studio space and commence at 3:00pm on Fridays. All are welcome. 

 If you have an idea for a SymbioticA seminar in 2017 get in touch:

From Schoenberg to Napalm Death: The Pathological Implications of Extreme Vocals in Cultural Context

Date: 9 June 2017
Time: 3:00pm
Location: SymbioticA
Speaker: Laura Glitsos

This presentation will explore vocal techniques on the margins of typical mainstream performance (extreme vocality). I question whether extreme vocality can be read both expression and abreaction of collective trauma in relation to specific socio-historical contexts. For example, Diamanda Galás was an outspoken activist during the 1980s AIDS crisis and her brother, playwright Philip-Dimitri Galás, was also taken by the disease. I read the vocality of Diamanda Galás in the 1980s as, in part, an abreaction of the collective trauma of the AIDS virus in a community context. Diamanda Galás’ musical voice, described as “capable of the most unnerving vocal terror” (2014), is perhaps the psychosomatic presentation of these ‘social affects’.

Laura Glitsos is postdoctoral adjunct fellow at Curtin University and has a broad interest in the interrelationships between bodies, technologies and music. This research emerges from a seminar presented at the MoPop Museum in Seattle in 2016.