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Curating Theatres and the Unsettling Artistic Spectacle of War

Date: 20 March 2015
Time: 3:00pm
Location: SymbioticA
Speaker: Laetitia Wilson

The relationship between art and war is one of deep ambivalence. Aestheticising death and disaster is always problematic but at the same time artistic interpretations of war can offer insights into some of the more nuanced, psychological and felt aspects of being in spaces of conflict. Working alongside the team at Moana Project Space I recently co-curated an international exhibition of contemporary video art about sites of violent geopolitical conflict as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. Titled Theatres, the works selected were curated to critically interrogate the troubling relationships between the medium of video, modern warfare and theatrical spectacle, with the aim to offer unique perspectives into several of the world’s most volatile zones of conflict. This talk will discuss the methodology, process and outcomes of curating Theatres.

Laetitia Wilson completed a doctorate in 2011 on the topic of interactive art and ludic interfaces at the University of Western Australia. For over half a decade she has lectured at UWA and developed units including Art and New Media, 21st Century Art, Contemporary Art and Art and Games. Laetitia currently works as Adjunct lecturer and Curator at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, in addition to being art critic for the West Australian newspaper and contributing to the academic sphere as a freelance writer.