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Somatic Drifts: Tactility, Illusion and Affect in Live Art and Crossovers with Neuroscience Research in Chronic Pain

Date: 28 November 2014
Time: 3:00pm
Location: SymbioticA, Room 228A, level 2 School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology, The University of Western Australia. Entrance 2, Hackett Drive, Crawley. GOOGLE MAPS.
Speaker: Cat Jones

Somatic Drifts, is a full body sensory experience for one person at a time. This new work in development by Cat Jones, investigates the potential for a participant to experience the body of other entities through physical re-association facilitated by touch and visual feedback. In Somatic Drifts, Cat combines sensory experience with deep visualisation to explore difference, trans-human and inter-species empathy and identity transgression. How far can we drift outside of the sense of self? What can this drift enable us to change?

Cat Jones will present documentation of this work in progress and observations of audience sensory, perception and affective responses. She will discuss points of interest arising from her recent ANAT Synapse residencies and research to date at UWA School of Medicine and Pharmacology and UniSA Sansom Institute of Health Research, Body in Mind, into the use of body illusions in the neuroscience research on mechanisms and treatment of chronic pain.

Cat Jones is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, writer, curator and all round creatrix. She works with concepts of sexual and gender politics, human and inter-species empathy through language, social construct, anthropomorphism, and science. With a performance practice spanning 25 years Cat is particularly interested in audience psychology for immersive, interactive and participatory works.
Cat was Artistic Director/CEO, PACT centre for emerging artists 2009-2012, Co-director Eletrofringe, international festival of media arts and culture 2006-2007 and Chairperson of its inaugural Board 2008-2010. Cat was awarded a Creative Australia Fellowship in 2012 to research botanic science, social practice, history, literature and art. Recent performance credits in 2013 and 2014 include Plantarum: Empathic Limb Clinic at Proximity Festival, PICA WA, Evolution: A Walk [with Herbivores] at WIRED Open Day, Muttama NSW, Somatic Drifts, Adhocracy Vitalstatistix, SA, and Anatomy’s Confection, Proximity Festival, FAC, WA. In 2015 she will continue her ANAT Synapse research in neuroscience and research the creation of bespoke scents for augmented reality performance at the Institute of Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles.

Translation, Recursion and Aesthetics in Data-Generated Multi-sensory Artworks

Date: 5 December 2014
Time: 3:00pm
Location: SymbioticA
Speaker: Kynan Tan

The increasingly data-aware world of today raises serious questions around big data, data mining, visualisation and analysis. This talk will discuss approaches, methods and conceptual frameworks used in the translation of data and algorithm in multi-sensory artworks. Tan's previous works have used data collected from sleeping brain activity, metagenomics, topography and world population statistics in the creation of 3D-printed sculpture, video and sound. In doing so, the works question both the arbitrary, formless nature of digital information, the action of translation, and the aesthetic linkages that can be made between the outputs and the source material.

Kynan Tan is an artist working with digital processes to investigate networks, data transference and relational structures between multiple senses. These works take the form of multi-screen audio-visual performances, installations, 3D-printed sculptures, improvised sound, and kinetic artworks involving electronic circuits, speakers and lights. Kynan has been the recipient of a DCA Young People and the Arts Fellowship (2013), Australia Council Artstart grant (2013), and participated in the JUMP Mentorship Program (2012), studying with audio-visual artist Robin Fox. Kynan has performed in Japan, Germany and throughout Australia, including events such as Test Tone (Tokyo), Channels Video Art Festival (Melbourne) and the NOW now Festival of Art (Sydney), and his works have also been exhibited at MOCA (Taipei, Taiwan), NH7 Festival (Pune, India), First Draft (Sydney) and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

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