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SymbioticA’s intensive workshops demonstrate the tools of modern biology through artistic engagement which, in turn, gives voice to the broader philosophical and ethical exploration into the extent of human intervention with other living things.

The workshops can take place within Australia or overseas and are run by SymbioticA’s Director Oron Catts and key scientific collaborators. They range from one afternoon to five days.


SymbioticA BioTech Art Workshop
SymbioticA’s BioTech Art Workshop and Masterclass is an introduction to biological techniques and issues surrounding the manipulation of living systems, run over an intensive five-day period.
Synthesis: Synthetic Biology in Art & Society
An intensive exchange laboratory for artists, scientists and other disciplines to collaboratively explore synthetic biology's ideas and techniques, and its social and cultural implications.
SymbioticA Tissue Engineering and Art Workshop
This two-day intensive workshop introduces artists and other interested people to basic principals of animal tissue culture and tissue engineering, as well as to its history and the different artistic projects working with tissue culture and tissue engineering.

Specialist workshops

Our specialist workshops have looked at a range of issues from ecology to science including:

Blood Workshop
Three day workshop is an introduction to biological techniques and issues surrounding the manipulation of biological material, especially around the materiality of blood tissue. 
Adaptation Workshop
Five days interrogating the problems, challenges, and potentials of a unique site combining stories of creation and evolution, desalination and floods, histories of human development (built and social), to environmental threats and new species.

Contact SymbioticA to discuss running one of the SymbioticA Workshops at your organisation.